Why fresh Content is Important for SEO?

Fresh and well written content is very important for search engine optimization. If you wish to improve the ranking of your website then good content is the key to success. With the help of fresh content, you can easily see the difference in the position of the website on various search engines and the traffic will also go up. According to the recent algorithms of Google update, the sites with low quality or duplicate content will automatically be removed from the search results. This is done to assure quality results to the users who are looking for valuable information.

Apart from improving the rank of the website, there are many more advantages that fresh content can offer in SEO. They are:

Every document or website has a freshness score which depends upon the kind of content that is posted. The score starts from the date when the Google first reads the document and the score goes down as the content becomes older. So try posting fresh contents on a regular basis to maintain the score.

Keep updating content:

It is important to update content after equal time interval. More the frequency of the fresh content, better will be the indexing and this will influence the popularity of the website. So it is better that you keep adding new content that arouses the interest of the people and engages them in your reading. Crisp content is always admired and bringing lots of benefits to the website as well.

In order to enhance the freshness score, try to add more pages. A blog is a good example of adding fresh pages which bring up the rank of the website. As compared to editing the older pages, it is better to add fresh pages so that the freshness score goes up. On an average it is suggested that 20-30% of the new pages should be included per year.

If any site having a decent freshness score is connected to any other site then it is bound to influence the freshness score of the other site. So if you want your website to have an excellent score, add links from the pages which have a good score. This is definitely a good approach which shows mind-blowing effects.

The score of your content depends upon the time spent by the user on that particular page. As the content becomes old, people will not show any interest but search for fresh content. Thus keep changing the content to get a high score.

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